Schedule online meetings

Closer allows you to create more meaningful relations with your customers by letting your team to talk them, meet face to face, present offers or even co-browse if assistance is needed.

Set up Company’s working hours

The first step for the best experience in scheduling online meetings in Closer is to set up the working hours of your company. Setting working hours influences the ability for your customers to schedule meetings via a bot. It will allow avoiding setting up meetings outside working hours without the adviser’s knowledge.

Sync your Google Calendar

While scheduling meetings Closer can handle double bookings and overlaps with your external Google calendar for you. To do that, add your external Google calendar to Closer. It will result in Closer treating booked timeslots from Google as a busy and unavailable time.

Surely you can handle it yourself, but once you choose to send a bot for scheduling a meeting to your customer, it’s better to have your busy time slots hidden from the choice. In such moment Google Cal Sync comes in handy.

Send a scheduling bot to customer

With Closer, you can save up some time and unnecessary ping pong of messages while establishing the best time fit for the customer and you to meet. By sending a bot to schedule a meeting, you are making Closer handle this process for you.

To your customers Closer will only display available time slots to choose from, taking under consideration your working hours, time zone, and events from your synced external calendar.

Once your customer decides on date and time, you will see the confirmation in the chat history and the chosen slot booked in your calendar...

Set up a meeting with external customer

Closer allows you to schedule a meeting with external customers too. By clicking "+" above the Closer's timetable, you can pick the day and time for the meeting to happen. To be able to finalize this process you will need to provide customer's email or phone number for us to send the invitation link to them. Once done, the chosen slot will be reserved in your Closer calendar and Closer will send the invitation to the other party via the chosen medium. For future meetings with this customer, you will be able to pick them from the database.

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