Do you offer any sort of automation?

We have mini-bots for lead capture and scheduling calls currently, and for businesses that use we have an integration with that. We're building more bots and more integrations as well

Mini-bot can currently take your contact data, so that your customers can receive your replies while offline 😀

Can I customize the mini bots?

Not yet, but we’re planning that. The lead-capture bot will pop up for each new lead that starts a conversation with you. The scheduling bot has to be sent by you to a customer with some contact data - either email or phone number (we'll be adding automation to that later).

How do I create a bot?

We only offer predefined mini-bots (lead-capture and scheduling bots) at this moment. We’ll be adding integrations with leading bot platforms in the future.

Can I change the first message to other Language?

Not yet. We’ll be adding more translations in the coming months, but currently our capabilities are limited in that matter. Thanks for understanding!

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